Joaquin Phoenix Stars In New Romantic Movie ‘Her’ [VIDEO]
Joaquin Phoenix stars as Theodore Twombly a man who recently went through a divorce.  Feeling the disappointment and hollowness of his recent breakup, he opts to get a new advanced operating system intelligence.  The AI named Samantha turns out to be smart, funny, and intuitive.  As t…
John Mayer Shows His Fan Some Love [VIDEO]
If you have heard any of his music, then there is no question that John Mayer is a talented individual.  He also seems to have bypassed the usual idiot tendencies that come from being rich and famous.  Don't believe me?  Check out what he did for a fan at one of his concerts.
Ke$ha Singing In Middle School Talent Show [Video]
If you're looking closely, yes that is Ke$ha as a middle schooler singing.  I am so happy that my parents never videotaped anything.  I'm sure Ke$ha is a bit embarrassed by this video as I'm sure I would be if a few of mine were to ever surface.

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