New Movie Trailer ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Released [VIDEO]
Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) has long dreamed of stars only to wake up to an ordinary life on Earth.  When Caine (Channing Tatum) a genetically engineered hunter comes to Earth in search of Jupiter, it quickly becomes clear that the fate she has long been destined for has come knocking.
World Premiere Of New Video Games At VGX [VIDEO]
VGX is Spike TV's next generation of video game awards.  To be honest I could care less about who wins what award.
However, the one thing I always try to see is what is coming out within the next year.
The video games awards shows often have new premieres or more extensive videos on upcoming…
New Star Wars Music Video Set To Queen [VIDEO]
I'm an odd person.  I love almost everything.
I enjoy playing sports, singing, fishing, hunting, working out, eating etc.
But, I am also a big geek/nerd.
Occasionally, I come across something on the internet which gives me a schoolgirl type glee.
This video is one of them.

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