Odd Jobs Celebrities Had Before They Were Famous
Some celebrities pop up overnight, helped along by a star-making performance that makes it seem as if they came out of nowhere. But before all that fame and glamour and easy money, plenty of celebs had to actually workto make ends meet -- and a lot of them had some pretty bizarre occupations along t…
Friday, June 22nd Is “Take Your Dog to Work Day”
Friday marks the 14th Annual "Take Your Dog to Work Day."
Created in 1999, "Take Your Dog to Work Day" was started to celebrate the great companions dogs make and to encourage their adoption from humane societies andanimal shelters. This annual event asks pet lovers to celebrate t…
10 Very Strange Jobs That Actually Pay Pretty Well
As kids, we typically had to listen to adults preach to us about how we needed to study hard in school to become doctors and lawyers.
However, what they didn’t tell us is that it was possible to earn six figures doing other, more unusual work.
Top 5 Highest Paid College Degrees for 2012 Unveiled
As high school graduation season wraps up and newly-graduated young adults look to the possibility of continuing their education, many wonder what the best degree and career path is for them. While selecting something you feel passionate about will make going to work easier, there's that whole pesky…

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