In an effort to promote tourism and the beauty of Duluth, the city just put virtual tours of landmarks and parks.  This is especially good for people like myself who are new to Duluth and can still barely find their way around.  This gives many of us (newbies) an idea of different places preparing us for an actual visit when the snow melts.


I wouldn't be surprised if they added other virtual tours as well.

Speaking as someone new to Duluth, I really don't know the answer to this, but do you think they missed a virtual tour they definitely should have added?


Feel free to take a virtual tour that the City Of Duluth has provided.


Kitchi Gammi Park
Lester Park
Seven Bridges Road
Hawk Ridge
Congdon Park
Hartley Nature Center
Chester Park
Rose Garden
Leif Erikson Park
Duluth Lakewalk
Bayfront Festival Park
Enger Park
Lincoln Park
Skyline Parkway
Chambers Grove