Long gone are the day's when I could do my taxes myself with the EZ form, so off to the accountant we went. But, happy to report all is done, and now waiting with baited breath for my tax refund. Thankfully I don't have to concern myself with any of these crazy tax laws....

Herewith, to give you a break from your Form 1040, is a catalog of the country's looniest taxes.

Arkansas: Body Piercing Tax

The state spells out which services are subject to the 6% state sales tax. Among them: body piercing, gutter cleaning and pet grooming.

Hawaii: Deductions Grow on Trees

Grab a $3,000 deduction if your tree was approved by an arborist advisory committee and you get the right notarial stamp.

Maryland: Oyster Break

Maybe the clam and mussel people didn't make sufficient campaign donations? The aquaculture float credit is available for people harvesting oysters, but not other shellfish.

New York: Haunted House Tax

Musical comedies, operas and chamber music are exempt from the sales tax. But not a Halloween show with music, if the admission charge exceeds 10 cents.

South Carolina: Aid For Deceased Deer

You get $50 off your taxes if your deer carcass helps the needy.

via Forbes.com