Everybody knows that the ladies of the Northland like to get down and dirty, so now we have added a Fall Dirty Chicks ATV Ride. And here are 10 reasons you need to be a part of it:

1.) You get to drive through mud puddles at top speed and being dirty is socially acceptable!

2.) You get to yell and scream at the top of your lungs while riding through some beautiful trails.

3.) You will meet some amazing people who like to ride just like you.

4.) You get to see the look on your boyfriend or husbands face as you pull off to get on the trails and have a blast! *sigh*

5.) You can win some really cool prizes!

6.) You can feel like part of a gang as you all pull up to our various pit stops.

7.) You can show off your awesome ATV driving skills.

8.) You might be able to pull one of you fellow riders out of a mud puddle, making you feel good about yourself! :)

9.) You get some really cool dirty chicks merchandise just for signing up!

10.) It is almost sold out, and fills up every year !