According to this particular survey Minnesota is the 5th safest State in the U.S. but these 15 towns have been found to be the safest. looked over statistics of towns with at least  2,500 residents or more and looked at crime rates of a physical nature and property per 1,0000 people. Sadly Duluth did not even make the top 100, although I myself do feel safe and am glad to live here. But, Two Harbors came in at #25!  Here is the list of the top 15.

  1. Plainview
  2. St. Joseph
  3. Winona- Yeah! My College Alma Mater. :)
  4. Deephaven
  5. Glenwood
  6. Eagle Lake
  7. Bayport
  8. West Hennepin
  9. North Oaks
  10. Minnetrista
  11. Dayton
  12. Orono
  13. Chaska
  14. Benson
  15. Rosemount

I did find it fairly surprising of all the Metro Suburbs on the list, vs. small towns throughout the state. For more details and complete list Click Here.