I haven't seen a good majority of these films, but the one's that I have seen deserve to be on the List of 25. "Any Given Sunday" and "Braveheart" not only have I been motivated, I now have this uncontrollable urge to suit up in football gear and swing a battle axe. And if Fozzy Bear can rile a bunch of muppets into a frenzy, then pop the corn and get comfy.

Here are my 2 favorites

Movies can be awesome sources of motivation, whether you're storming the gates of Mordor or walking onto the field in the second half of a pee-wee football game. The great energizing speeches in film make us feel like we could do either and come out on top, and the actors on screen, from Rick Moranis to Kenneth Branagh, know how to makes an audience feel good.

So whether you need to take down the greatest ice hockey team in the world or just feel battered and beaten by repeated printer jams at work, here are our ten favorite movie pep talks, guaranteed to make you get up in the morning and fear no enemy in your path

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