According to Dr. M. Gary Neuman, family counselor and author of "Connect to Love," these are the five things that females want from their partners.

Time: It's something demanded from women on a daily basis.  Time for their kids, the housework, from their boss and co-workers, friends and family, and from their favorite reality shows.  Women realize that men are pulled in just as many directions, but it can often feel like time with our significant others goes on the back burner.  Why?  Maybe because we think the other will understand the daily pressure and relent.  The truth is, in order to have a healthy relationship we need time from our significant others too! The vast majority of women in happy relationships get 30 minutes of uninterrupted time with their husbands each day. (Which may or may not coincide with the same length of time as "Yo Gabba Gabba.")  Twenty-four percent of women who claim to be in unhappy relationships spend fewer than five minutes a day with their spouses.

Appreciation:  The expert says that we as women should be expressive of what makes us feel appreciated instead of just expecting it.  So if you've slaved away in the kitchen all day, make sure HE knows that you appreciate it when he appreciates you.  Don't always expect that he knows just how to express his gratitude.  So next time he mentions how wonderful your hotdish is, make sure you're telling him "Thanks.  I really love when you tell me how well I've done slopping together meat, vegetables, and tater tots."  Maybe not in those exact words though.  The point is, men should listen, and women should also tune in when their husbands are appreciative.

Understanding: It's important for women to have men who understand them. Or at least put forth a good effort.  Men know we love to talk.  And it's important for women to help men understand how to listen. Through no fault of their own, men often don't have a clue they're being bad listeners.  And equally as important, women should learn to set a time limit to serious and emotional conversations.  Even if we could discuss the issue for six hours, be realistic about the attention span of your man. More often than not, men are sitting there thinking, "Is she done yet?  Can I watch SportsCenter now?"

Fun: This is one of those things that seems like it goes out the window first, especially after the "honeymoon phase" wears off.  Things like careers, school and mortgages can add to the strain of a relationship. Try setting up a date night – once every week, even if you're tired, during which you spend a minimum of two hours alone.  Yes, alone.  It doesn't have to be out to dinner or a movie, but designating a special "date" night can be as easy as turning off the TV, lighting a few candles, putting on some mood-setting music, and really concentration on each other rather than the usual daily distractions.  Talk about everything BUT work, money and children.

Kind Gestures: Hugs, kisses, unexpected telephone calls or texts to say ‘I love you.'  The simple things in your relationship you may take for granted.   Dr. M. Gary Neuman suggests five touch points a day for one week – any kind gesture that takes 30 seconds or less. If a man can do this for his partner for one week, both will be amazed at how much better they feel in the relationship.

So what do you think?  Are these the five most important things we want from our men?  I can think of a few more, but I guess those can be covered under "fun" and "kind gestures." Wink, wink.