When I was younger I loved trucks.  Heck  I still love trucks.  However, when I was younger I was always jealous of my step-father's work truck and wanted one.  His work truck was the first vehicle (after the tractor) that I learned to drive.

It was an old white 5 speed Toyota.  However, it wasn't until years later I got myself my own truck!  She was amazing

(to me).


It was a 1982 Chevy S-10 Durango.  Now your first thought may be 'wait.....isn't the Durango a Dodge?' and you would be right however, Chevy had a trim package for the S-10's called Durango.

I didn't care about anything else, I loved my truck and here's why:

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    This baby could go!  She had a top speed of around 68 Miles Per Hour.  That was only of course only possible on the one stretch of road that was 5 miles long, completely flat, and with the pedal to the floor the whole time.  This of course meant no tickets!

    Sean Gallup, Getty Images
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    Sure, she had rust on her.  The one spot you can look closely and see on the driver's side door is probably the best looking rust spot on her.  The passenger side had a rust hole so big I could probably fit my head through.  However, the best part about the rust was the rust hole in the floor.  If I cracked my window open, the wind would go from the rust hole out my window making an interior typhoon type effect.  This was one of the reasons I always wore my hair longer.

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    If you look closely at the picture, you can see Duct Tape along the windshield.  We had a leaking problem early on but the windshield was golden so my brother-in-law and myself fixed her right up.  It only cost me a couple bucks and 5 minutes tops.

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    Since my gas gauge didn't work properly, I had to refill her every 150-180 miles or so.  If you do the math; for a 20 gallon tank she got about 9-10 miles to the gallon.  This meant I could drive for over an hour before I had to refuel!

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    I washed that thing weekly and even polished it.  At least I polished the areas around the rust spots.  I kept it clean and running.  I paid for the gas, the oil changes, insurance, and the duct tape to seal the windshield.

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    Probably the best reason it was the best gift for me though, was that it was mine.

    I had my very own truck with an awesome topper on it.  I could be free to drive around for hours (with several fill-ups).

    I could throw my football gear in the back and it would be dry from the elements.

    The bumper was strong and didn't have any issues from my ditzy girlfriend backing into it all the time.

    I was, quite simply, happy for the freedom it gave me!

    Photo By Chris Tyler