With all the years that I have been involved in being  on the route for Grandmas Marathon I have been at a lot of different places, but being in Canal Park right on the water can't be beat.

I will be broadcasting live again this year at the Old Vista Fleet building across from the DECC and I must say it is an awesome location. If you get there early enough you can park in the DECC parking lot, bring a chair or towel and grab a spot anywhere along Harbor Drive.

This is such a great place because:

  • You can have easy access to the course especially If you are cheering someone on who is running.
  • It is close to the end of the marathon route without all the crowds.
  • You can have access to food, beverages and cool gifts in the Vista Gift shop.
  • You can scoot over the blue bridge to the heart of the marathon finish area.
  • Your car is already in a paid lot, so you can enjoy all the festivities in Canal Park for the day into the night.
  • You may even see a ship coming into the canal.
  • I will have the sound system set up playing some fun running tunes to keep you motivated to run or to cheer on your friends and family.

Best of luck to all the runners and welcome to everyone visiting our beautiful city for this world class marathon!