Having had this last week off I was able to enjoy the perfect summer weather in the Northland. I know, I really lucked out with the sun and warm temperatures....so instead of hiding out in the house in the A.C. we headed out to Park Point.

Now I am convinced that kids under the age of 14 are invinciable to the bone chilling temperatures of cold water as they walk right into the lake. But, as an adult you need to use a different approach.


1) Make sure you have the proper footwear on to even get to the shoreline,the sand is scalding hot.

2) Set up  your chair or  your towel for a while so you get nice and toasty warm.

3) Stand and get in the ready stance on the shoreline.

4) Run as fast as you can into the water and dive in.....do not wade or walk into the lake or you most likely will never go under the water.

5) Yes it is a shock to your body, so be prepared, but is is very refreshing.

6) Run back out of the water as quickly as you entered, and don't be concerned the numbness in your lower extremities will wear off after a few minutes! :)