Thursday night will be an emotional night for fans of the NBC show 'The Office' because after eight years of off-the-wall comedy, the two hour series finale will air. Some of the cast members sat down and reflected about the show and what it means to them.

I remember when 'The Office' made its premiere, I was doing a morning show with Jeanne Ryan at the time and we got an opportunity to interview the cast of this new show with a bunch of no name actors, and all that week we interviewed just about everyone associated  with that show and thinking nothing of it as the show would probably get canceled the next week, now I wish I still had copies of those interviews.

Truthfully the show hasn't been the same since Steve Carell left to become a big movie star, but I still enjoy the show and it will be sad to see it go on Thursday night judging by the water works watching this video caused.

Goodbye Dunder Mifflin

Watch The Cast of 'The Office' Say Farewell