Being a proud Minnesotan, and having lived in Bemidji for a couple years while going to college, I found this story interesting. Love it or hate it, a TV series following in the footsteps of the movie 'Fargo' will be hitting FX in 2014, and Bemidji, Minnesota will be involved in the plot.

Bob Odenkirk from 'Breaking Bad' has been cast as a Beltrami County Sheriff's Deputy from Bemidji, with Allison Tolman working as a deputy serving under Odenkirk's character. It has not been announced where the storyline of the TV series will be set, however it is likely that several different Minnesota locations will be referred to or get appearances in the show.

The Bemidji Pioneer reports that show producers have not contacted the Beltrami County Sheriff's Department. Sheriff Phil Hodapp told the Pioneer he doesn't believe people in Brainerd were contacted prior to the filming of the 1996 movie, and he doesn't anticipate being contacted to consult for the TV series.

The series is initially set for a limited 10-episode run on FX in 2014. Cast members include Billy Bob Thornton, Collin Hanks, Martin Freeman, Kate Walsh, Oliver Platt, among others.