Minnesota is known as the land of 10.000 lakes and yes we have the biggest fresh water lake in the entire world right at our feet, but on a hot summer day wouldn't it be nice to take a dip in a clear cool swimming pool?

When I was a kid we were lucky enough to belong to a club where I had access to an Olympic size swimming pool all summer long seven days a week, and when I got older I was able to ride my bike so I could hang out all day. I love to swim and yes I love hanging out at Park Point, but man that lake is cold.

So I did a little research of some of the most popular swimming holes in Duluth and in Superior. I am sure we have a few hidden gems but these are the big ones.

  1. Wisconsin Point in Superior
  2. Park Point in Duluth
  3. The Deeps (Lester River)
  4. Gundy ( Lower level of Lester River)
  5. Pinhurst Park Pool in Cloquet

And honorable mention is Twin Ponds, I have heard a rumor that some people dare to swim in that, but I would not stick my toe in that water.

When our kids were little we would bring them to the Deeps and Gundy, but at both places it is well known that kids like to jump from the cliffs and even the trees which makes for a dangerous combination for the people jumping and innocent kids bobbing in the water below.

We also have a secret beach we go to that is about 45 minutes from our house, but what a pain packing up all the stuff to go enjoy a day at the beach. So, my idea is how great would it be to have a public pool that would make a minimal charge to enter daily and would be staffed with life guards. Yes I know our summers are extremely short but it would be awesome with a deep end and diving boards too.

I think that this would be an excellent addition to the many hotels in the area that have pools and of course the YMCA in Duluth and Superior. It would give families a clean safe place to swim and individuals as well during a hot summer day and still be outdoors.

So now the big question where to put this pool? In Duluth this poses quite the problem given the fact the entire city is basically built into a hill, so I had to think of flat parts of town where their would be enough land. According to The Duluth Parks and Recreation Department their are 132 parks and Green spaces in the city. That is an astronomical amount of space, and all I need with this plan is 1 place maybe 2?   Here are my Ideas of where to put the pool:

  • 1

    Portman Park (Lakeside)

    Portman Park is a great facility in the Lakeside neighborhood at 4601 McCulloch Street.Right now they have basketball courts, a community center, playground, softball field and hockey rink. I would choose the ice skating/softball field for the site of the pool .

    Photo courtesy of Google Street View
  • 2

    Duluth Heights Park

    This park is located in Duluth Heights @ 33 West Mulberry and would be a great neutral place to have the pool, since it is in between the East and West side of town. They have a clubhouse, lots of green space and fenced in area.

    Photo Courtesy of Goggle Street View
  • 3

    Wheeler Field (West Duluth)

    Wheeler Field Athletic Complex is located at 35th Avenue West and Grand Avenue and is easily accessible by car, bike or bus. It is already a sports facility for softball, Bocce and a skateboard park,  so this would be an obvious choice for a pool, plus they have a huge parking lot.

    Photo courtesy of Google Street View