First off I want to extend a big heartfelt Thank You to all the teachers out there who devote so much time and energy to teach our kids whether it is academics ,music, sports or clubs. You are appreciated very much, if not by the kids all the times, by us the parents.

Our youngest is wrapping up her middle school years approaching the end of 7'th grade, and I have logged many a time going to choir and band concerts. I am in awe how these teachers can not only keep all of these kids in one place, but actually get them to follow instructions and do what they are asked. Pre-teens and teens, not an easy job to accomplish.

Last night I went to the last of this years choir/band concerts at the DECC. I was really impressed with how organized the stage was set up, and how the kids were ushered on and off the stage, including a ramp that rose from under the stage. Our little singer admitted she had some butterflies and so I told her the old saying "picture everyone in their underwear. She laughed and said "No way, that's gross"

All the kids did a super job, and i did my feeble attempts to take pictures, despite being able to figure out how to zoom and the stink eye I got while trying to use the flash. So when you are feverishly running around taking your kids all over town for practice, games or school functions, remember time goes by pretty fast, and someday all you will have are these pictures that you attempted to take making time stand still.