Oh the joy, fun, excitement and total love when you bring a new pet home. We are  now the proud  owners of a 6 month old chihuahua named" TINKY".

It is a big decision to get a pet, and even more time and effort needs to be put into it when you already have pets in your home.

In our case besides the 3 kids we have a cat and a dog, who is 6, but still thinks she is a puppy. We fell in love with this puppy right away, and given the fact we have a small house she would be perfect. So, we brought Lucy , our dog up to Animal Allies for a meet and greet between the 2 dogs. I would highly recommend this,  this way they meet on neutral territory, you can make sure they get along and are compatible before you get the whole adoption underway.

Thankfully the dogs were nice to each other and seemed to get along very well, so we got Tinky her little tiny collar and were on our way home, to her new Forever Home! :) The kids were ecstatic,  but we had to make sure that they were careful with her since she is so tiny and she needs time to adjust.

I am happy to report she settled in nicely and has been going outside to go "potty" which is great success. Patience and love on our part is all she needs, but the rewards you get back from a pet are immeasurable. Thank you again to Sarah and all the staff at Animal Allies for all the time, attention, love and care they give all these animals in the Northland.