Hopefully like me, you've been watching "The Voice."  Each of the coaches on the show, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera have their teams of four.  They also have help in mentoring each singer on their team.

If you've been watching, you know that Adam picked his Maroon 5 Musical Director, Adam Blackstone as his advisor.  Cee Lo has Monica, Blake Shelton has Reba, and Christina has Sia.  My first thought was, "with all the people in the music industry that Christina knows...she picks Sia?"

She actually has quite a past with Christina, working with her on Christina's 2010 album "Bionic."

My first memory of hearing one of Sia's songs is very vivid--it was "My Love" from the Eclipse Soundtrack.  Oh yeah, it's a good one.  Very haunting, but very good.

Sia is what I would call "Australia's Lady Gaga."  She's...different.  In a good way.

Just watch this video, and you'll see why I think that.

I officially love Sia. :)

This is another good one: