It fell over when it wasn't supposed to, now Iceman Roger says his second try at the 2015 Superior Ice Project "just will not go down."

The final ice sculpture stood just over 50 feet tall and weighed in at about 5 million pounds and it is putting up a fight to stay in place, Iceman Roger says he's tried "everything in my power; I have tried using water jet erosion, pulling by steel cables, cutting by hot wire and wishful thinking."

Check out the video below of the Superior Fire Department trying their best to take down the frozen behemoth using their high pressure water cannon.

The planned activities, including a light and fireworks show, came to an end at Superior's Barkers Island Festival Park on February 28th. Iceman Roger and his ice project are scheduled to return again for 2016.

Stay tuned, I'll let you know when the sculpture is finally down.