Another season of 'The Walking Dead' came to an end last night, and I'm disappointed on how things ended, here's why. *SPOILERS*

This is the moment fans have been waiting for, the introduction of a new bad guy, Negan, and the brutal beating of someone from Rick's group by Negan's famous baseball bat, Lucille.

First off, I felt that the final unveiling of Negan wasn't that thrilling, I found the character boring and frankly not that terrifying; I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn't what we got last night. When the episode was finished my first thought was, "all that for him?"

And the whole "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe"  bit was stupid, you couldn't think of a better game than that?

They've been building to this moment for months, everyone knows someone is dying, most likely Gleen, so why not show us? It's not like we won't tune in next season if we know who it is, and I don't think they'll add a ton of new viewers by doing what they did, so why do it?

I understand that TV shows have cliffhangers in an effort to drive excitement and viewership for the next season, but this cliffhanger left me feeling just the opposite.

After doing what they did with Gleen earlier on this season with that lame mid-season cliffhanger, I'm not very excited to watch next season; Sure I will tune in and see how it starts, but I'm seriously questioning my fandom and my loyalty to the show after this season.

Overall I give the season a C-; it had some good moments, but for every great moment this season, there were several frustrating/annoying moments to match it. What did you think? Did you like the finale?