Just days after announcing that ‘Chasing the Sun’ was their next single, the Wanted tweeted fans a curve ball and dropped a video for ‘Lightning’ — and a release date for the single!

The band goes wild at an outdoor party in the video. There’s fire, dirt bikes, tribal makeup on some hot girls, randomly placed fluorescent lights and flinging toilet paper. Then it gets sort of weird and voyeuristic: couples get racy in cars, and the members of the Wanted commemorate the occasion by lighting fireworks off in the vehicles. We can understand the er, symbolism behind it, but doesn’t that look dangerous?

The band released ‘Gold Forever‘ in the U.S. less than two weeks ago. While ‘Gold Forever’ was a bit softer and more sensitive than their debut single ‘Glad You Came,’ ‘Lightning’ is a bit of a hybrid of the two: sensitive yet sex-ay.

The Wanted are scheduled to perform on ‘American Idol‘ on April 5. ‘Lightning’ will go on sale April 3, and the band’s full self-titled debut will hit U.S. shelves and iTunes on April 24.

Watch the Wanted ‘Lightning’ Video