With gas prices the cheapest they've been in years, The Washington Post put together 5 places that one could visit from Washington D.C. on $100 worth of gas, and Duluth made that list.

The $100 worth of gas is for a one-way trip, figuring an average price of $2.24 per gallon and the average range for a vehicle at 1,232 miles, Duluth is 1,171 miles away from the U.S. Capitol city, so we just made the cut.

They ranked Duluth as their second choice over Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, but had some nice things to say about the Twin Ports.

The Port, Gleensheen Mansion and Bob Dylan Way are mentioned in the write-up and so was the Lakewalk, they said  "Crank up your step counter on the Lakewalk, a once-gritty and neglected industrial zone that is now a 7.5-mile paved trail and boardwalk tracing Superior’s shore, with well-tended flower beds, ample benches and scenic views."