The Weeknd is a proven hitmaker, having recently taken home two Grammys at this year's awards show. But when it comes to getting down and dirty, it appears Abel might be lacking when it comes to his skills as an outdoorsmen. Especially in the area of fishing.

The Canadian crooner recently decided to take some time off and try his hand at a little rod and reel. From the video he posted on his Instagram account of the outting, things weren't going so well at one point.

In the clip, the XO singer is standing on a dock in what looks like it could be Miami. He casts his reel but apparently doesn't get the result he was hoping for. He rolls his eyes in frustration as he unsuccessfully fumbles around with the rod (pause), and eventually has to be helped out. "I didn't even hit the water. I went in the f-cking pole," he reacts.

The funniest part about the whole snippet might be the person who is filming who keeps yelling out "WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!" for no damb reason.

It's okay, Abel. You'll eventually get it. Practice makes perfect.

The Weeknd did have two big catches at the 2016 Grammys bringing home the awards for Best R&B Performance for his chart-topping smash “Earned It" off the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack in addition to his sophomore album, Beauty Behind the Madness, which earned him the Best Urban Contemporary Album.

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