I could not help but laugh looking through this list, considering I had about half of these toys as a kid. So If you are an Aunt, Uncle, or Grandparent do not get these or prepare for consequences form family members.

Any parent will tell you no toys that make noise, that is kind of a given, but what I remember vividly is our kids would get an invitation to birthday parties, and we would ask our kids what stuff they like. To which we would always get the blank stare I don't know?  I am pretty sure when I was a kid I could tell you exactly what my friends like pretty quickly.


Here is a sample of some of the gifts to avoid:
1.) Giant Ant Farm- These things are so gross, a friend of mine had one and I refused to look at it.
2.) A Toy Gun- Do not assume that every parents is o,k, with these, better to just avoid this all together.
3.) Kids Drum Set- Again Toys that make noise.

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