Ahh...a New Year and yet another new season of American Idol begins. New being the operative word here. 2 new judges, but my favorite Randy Jackson sure to take the lead at the judges table.

So, with all the hoopla of the new season will people tune in?  Every year I vow I will not get sucked in for the next how ever many months, and with out fail......I am glued to the t.v. cheering on my favorite. My guesses of winners have not been  far off, at least in the Top 5, but sadly America does not agree with my choices as the winner.  So, tonight we can sit back,  listen .... see some really bad singers....and take a wild guess at who really sticks out in our minds early in the game. I must say I am excited for the Milwaukee tryouts being as that is my Hometown. In the meantime I will keep practicing my intro. of   "THIS......IS AMERICAN IDOL!"