I  admit I too have recently fallen into this abyss of wasting time by binge watching s few different shows and I blame this horrible long winter we had.

Are you someone who has gotten hooked on a show? With technology now, like DVR and Netflix, we as a nation are not only becoming couch potatoes at a rapid rate, but are void of doing anything else for hours at a time.

At our house it started with Orange is the New Black 1 Season , then on to American Horror Stories 2 Seasons and our latest addiction Breaking Bad 5 Seasons. I actually had times on the weekend when I swear I was fused to the couch. Sad, really. But what is worse is I don't really have anything to watch now until 2 of the 3 shows have a new season out.

After watching the video below, I could not help but laugh because I vaguely could see myself except for watching at work or driving that is just plain dumb. Bring on summer, I need to get outside!