Twin Cities community TV station Northwest Community Television shared a fun tidbit about a big name in 1990s music and our great state. Sisqo, the Dru Hill member who had a massive solo hit with 1999's 'Thong Song' currently calls Maple Grove, MN home. Originally from Baltimore, the 37-year-old singer moved to Maple Grove with his girlfriend and two kids to be closer to her family.

Sisqo says he enjoys the quiet lifestyle the Maple Grove area offers, laughing and saying there are "no thongs here!" He does explain he has one hope before leaving Minnesota; working with Prince. He explains that in the video below.

After the massive success of his first solo album Unleash the Dragon in 1999 and decent followup success of his 2001 Return of the Dragon, he finally released a third album in February of this year. The third release, called Last Dragon, is available online via iTunes and Google Play if you want to check it out. If you want to see him, he will be performing at Dream Ultra Lounge in Minneapolis on May 30.