Beijing Restaurant finally opened a few weeks ago at their new location on London Road and the public has responded with overwhelming enthusiasm. They actually had to close early a few days in a row because they ran out of food.

Living on the East end of town they were our go to Chinese restaurant and I was sad to see them close, but I am happy to report that the new digs, which was originally a Pizza Hut, is a great new roomier place. I tried to call in our to go order last night, but could not get through as the phone was busy, so I decided to take my chances and stop in to order and wait for my food.

As expected it was very busy with a number of people patiently waiting at various tables for their food to eat there or to go. The staff welcomed me with smiles and I was ready. Even though it was an obvious battle between the phone ringing off the hook, orders being put together and the drivers running out the door with take out, all the staff were smiling and keeping cool. Even all of us customers had a sense of calm and patience, knowing this is just how it is for now.

I did have to wait well over an hour for my food, but again I knew what I was in for and gleefully grabbed my bag and out the door I went. We ordered General Tso's which comes with white rice and a side of vegetable Lo- Mein. Let me tell you it was worth the wait. The caramelized seasoning was so delicious and the chicken was tender and flavorful. The Lo-Mein mixed with the rice was perfect, and you get huge portions of food.

We split the order between the two of us and had food left over, both full and happy. So whether you are a seasoned fan, or want to try something new, Beijing is the place to go. Again, they are very busy right now so plan ahead and remember patience is a virtue, but it is worth the wait.

Beijing Restaurant is Located at:

1918 London Road in Duluth

(218) 724-2578