I have a list of things I feel guilty about when it comes to our two dogs, but what I had to do today is at the top of the list.

Our 8 year old Shiatsu is an awesome dog, even though some in our house would dispute that, but she is my buddy. One thing though with this breed is they are super high maintenance with grooming. This breed does not shed, and so constant brushing is a must, but with Lucy this is the most traumatic event in her life. She shakes and sneezes and tries to get away at every turn.

Also, what leads to my guilty feeling today is, they have to go the groomer on a regular basis. Our dog hates riding in the car, she shakes the entire time, and knows she is going to the vet or the groomer, because those are the only times she is in the car. So as we get out of the car to go inside to the groomer  I had her on her leash,but she was having none of it!

I literally had to pick her up and set her down on the counter. The groomer is awesome and we have been going to them for years, but I always feel bad like a mom dropping off a crying child at day care. I know it is nowhere near the same, but I still had that hollow guilty feeling inside.

In a few hours she will be clean and rid of all that excess hair, and once she is home with her sister all will be forgotten. So here I sit, keeping myself busy, knowing she is in good hands and really in the end it is no big deal.