We have all been to a game of some sort where we see "That Guy" who is way over served and making a scene. Hopefully it is more of a hilarious nature like the now infamous Vikings Fan by the name of Justin.

Poor guy, drunk at a Vikings game with no spoon and all he wanted was some Ice Cream. According to the City Pages Justin was able to tell his side of the story, which boils down to what we all assumed, he had way to much to drink.

This picture has gone viral on the Internet and his wife does not seem to be getting happier with the situation. We have all been there, babysitting a friend that went way over the limit, and it can at times get to the point where you are annoyed out of your mind.....like Justin's wife.

Considering they are season ticket holders it will be interesting to see if anymore pictures of Justin show up soon? I am going to say I doubt it.