This morning Jeanne and Cooper talked about how flip flop season is finally upon us.  Hopefully, if you're the sandal wearing kind, you've done your part to make sure those piggies are up to par.

I agree with the majority of the population when I say that most feet are ugly.  Even my feet are ugly, and I can admit it.  But what happens to celebrities who step out on the red carpet with open-toed heels on without doing due diligence to their lower digits?

Thankfully I didn't find too many photos of horrible feet.  But here are a few of the more questionable ones:

At first glance, they're ok.  But the closer you get, the more you realize that these poor feet are contorted in ways that shouldn't be possible.  And her poor toes are poised in some sort of ballerina fashion.  Does that look comfortable to you?

Unfortunately, we can also zoom in and take a closer look at these toes.


Want to know who these feet belong to?  Such a pretty girl, not so pretty feet.  Sorry Charlie.  Charlize Theron, that is.


Moving on to another pair of feet.  What blows me away about this picture, is that it was taken at an event to promote the new Monolo Blanik shoes she's sporting.  If I were to appear somewhere I knew they'd be taking pictures of me in a pair of shoes, I'd get a pedicure.  Is her polish yellow or is that the color of her toes?



These fab feet belong to Virginia Madsen:

And our winner?  These:

I'm sorry, but if you're out and about (even as a semi-celebrity) you should probably opt for something closed-toed when it looks like you've given yourself a home pedicure.  In the dark. With an industrial electric sander.

I'll give this girl a break though, because chances are you don't know who she is.  Her name is Carly Schroeder, and she's been on a few TV shows (Lizzy McGuire, Dawson's Creek) and a few random movies (Firewall, Eye of the Dolphin, and Gracie.)

Thankfully, I just picked women's ugly feet.  As far as male celebrity ugly feet go...I don't even want to know.