When you live in a tourist town, you sometimes forget to take advantage of all the cool stuff your hometown has to offer, so TripAdvisor is here to point it out.

The beauty of TripAdvisor too is that the reviews are written by ordinary people so they are brutally honest, sometimes as a good thing and sometimes not so good for a particular business. But either way it can help you decide on what you want to do. Here is their list of the Top 5 Tours in the area:

1.) The Duluth Experience: If you are ready for the guided tour experience this company offers quite the variety, with 3 different types to choose from: Adventure, Beer and Historical Tours, something for everyone.

2.) Day Tripper of Duluth: If you want a day excursion in Duluth or The North Shore or Overnight Trips, these pros have got you covered.

3.) Duluth Glides: Is a Segway Tour Company that gives you a very accessible route through Canal Park and Downtown.

4.) Vista Fleet: Now this one that I consider myself a bit of an expert on since I have taken many a trip on the Vista Queen and Star. Nothing like being out on the open water looking inland versus out onto the water. Plus they offer a variety of cruises to choose from.

5.) Beaver Air Tours: This fantastic flight on a sea plane is available in Duluth from June through October every year and gives you a birdseye view of the city and it's landmarks.