Help is pouring in from all over the country to help our community deal with the devastating flooding of the last week. One such example of this generosity and thoughtfulness comes from the "Dave Ryan in the Morning Show" on Twin Cities radio station KDWB.

I've had the chance to work for Dave and we've become friends over the years and he's always been a caring individual, that's why I wasn't surprised when he contacted me on Sunday and asked what we needed up here.

The morning show went on the air on Monday with the intention of coming up with something to do for Duluth and surrounding communities, by the end of the show they had a car wash planned for the next day to collect cleaning supplies and cash donations.

A steady stream of cars came by the car wash yesterday to donate supplies and money for the cleanup and relief effort, Ryan said of the event "Minnesota is such a great state. We have a culture here of wanting to help other people who through no fault of their own, need a helping hand. When we put the word out that we wanted to help people affected by the floods in Northern Minnesota, not only did we get a great turnout, but dozens of offers from locals businesses to pitch in to make that event even more impactful."

The supplies will be delivered today to the Cloquet National Guard Armory.