Two and a half short years after DISH Network purchased Blockbuster Video, the satellite TV company announced this week it planned to close down the remaining stores around the country. Apparently that isn't the end of Blockbuster Video stores, however.

According to Buzzfeed, who reportedly called stores to confirm this, roughly 50 locations in 25 cities around the United States will remain open following the move DISH announced. These stores will continue as independently-operated locations.

Among the stores that will remain open are two that are within relatively "easy" driving distance, if you really need to get your fix of walking through a Blockbuster trying to find a movie that has already been rented out.

Closest Location: Bemidji, MN

Google Maps

The closer of the two stores is in Bemidji (see on a map). I have a personal tie to this store, as it is only one block away from my alma mater, Bemidji State University. I made plenty of walks down the street to pick up something to watch. I probably still have a late fee waiting for me there, but who knows. You could make the trip there, grab The Hangover 3, and be back at home in the Twin Ports enjoying your movie in just 5 hours or so.

Next-Closest Location: Fargo, ND

Google Maps

If you're up for a drive, the more distant of the two locations is in Fargo (see on a map). You'd be able to get there, pick out your copy of The Avengers, and get back to watch it here in the Twin Ports in only about 9 hours. Not exactly ideal, but it's an option.

If you're really up for a drive (or neither the Bemidji or Fargo store have a copy of The Expendables), the next closest location after Fargo is in Indiana.