Day three of voting in the Northland Special Events Ultimate Wedding Giveaway, five couples are trying to win a $5,000+ wedding package, the couple with the most votes will win! Voting ends Sunday night and the winner will be announced Monday morning November 5th at 7:30a.m., the third day of voting generated almost 15,000 additional votes, see a current ranking of the couples after the jump.

  1. Couple E – Kelly & Jeff
  2. Couple A – Kathleen & Duran
  3. Couple D – Cassy & Jake
  4. Couple B – Brea & Eric
  5. Couple C – Amy and MacKenzie


It was a huge voting day, lots of activity and we have a new first place couple, Kelly & Jeff!!  They moved from third place into first, Kathleen & Duran are less than 300 votes behind first place and Cassy & Jake dropped one spot but remain within striking distance of the top, while Brea & Eric and Amy & MacKenzie continue to hang in there and could rally for a last minute voting push.

Keep voting for your favorite couple and try to encourage more people to help vote over the weekend ahead, the more people voting, the better! Good luck to all the couples in the final homestretch. We'll update the voting results tomorrow afternoon, Happy Halloween!