The only scenario for the Minnesota Vikings to play next weekend in the wild card round of the NFL Playoffs is to win today at Mall of America field and that won't be an east task, as the Packers are in town playing for a first round bye in the Playoffs. Plus the underlaying storyline is Adrian Peterson and if he is able to break the single season rushing record. 

The fans are starting to fill the seats and the crowd is fired up for an exciting game.

Nicholas David, Minnesota native and finalist on "The Voice", blew the Vikings horn before the game.



"The Voice" Finalist Nicholas David <> Nick Cooper - Townsquare Media

Team introductions have begun.

The Minneapolis Boys Choir sung the natoinal anthem

The Packers won the toss but elected to defer and the Vikings will get the ball to start the game! SKOL VIKINGS!

Remember Adrian Peterson needs 208-yards to break the single season rushing record and 102-yards to get to the elite 2000-yard mark. He would be only the 7th player to reach that watermark

Blair Walsh makes a 54-yard FG giving the Vikings a 3-0 lead. SKOL!

The crowd at Mall of America Field is the loudest I've heard it in years!

The Vikings defense shut down The Packers in their first drive. Vikings ball on their own 40-yard line.

Mike McCarthy is challenging the call of an incomplete pass by Ponder.

The call was over turned, giving the Vikings a 2nd and 17 vs. a  2nd and 10

Toby Gerhart runs the ball for 21-yards.

AP breaks off a 22-yard run. If you're keeping track, he's got 54-yards so far.

AP runs the ball into to the end zone for a Minnesota Vikings TOUCHDOWN! Vikings lead 10-0

The Vikings defense is playing lights out! The Packers are forced to punt again.

Ponder and The Vikings start a new drive at their 47-yard line.

Vikings go for it on 4th down. And make it.

I've been to a lot of Vikings games and I can tell their is something magical happening here today. I may regret typing that, but I have a feeling I won't. SKOL

The 1st quarter comes to a close with the Vikings leading 10-0

Blair Walsh adds another FG giving the Vikings a 13-0 lead early in the 2nd quarter.

The Packers are trying to get a run game going and aren't having much success.

Jared Allen wraps up Rogers for a sack and a 12-yard loss!

The Packers don't trust Mason Crosby to try a FG, so they punt on a 4th and 11.

Vikings get the ball back at their own 11-yard line.

Up to this point AP has 68-yards only 139 more to go for the single season record.

Vikings are forced to punt and the Packers get another good return giving them the ball on the Vikings 42-yard line.

The Vikings defense is giving Rogers and the Packers some headaches and Rogers is showing his frustration after each play.

The Packers manage to score on a drive that seem to last forever!

Nick Cooper - Townsquare Media

The Vikings lead 13-7 with 4 minutes remaining in the 1st half.

We are at the two minute warning.

Jarius Wright catches an 11-yard TD pass from Ponder.


Jarius Wright after his touchdown - Nick Cooper Townsquare Media

Vikings lead 20-7 SKOL!!!

Rogers leads the Packers for a quick score before halftime, a Mason Crosby FG makes the score at halftime Vikings 20 Packers 10

Packers get the ball to start the 3rd quarter

64,134 in attendance for today's game

Feed bag time, see you soon!! SKOL!

The Packers kick off the second half of this game with a nice TD drive. Vikings still lead 20-17

AP has reached the 2000 yard mark for the season. Congratulations AP!

Rogers fumbles after getting some pressure from Robinson. Vikings ball at their 49-yard line.

Vikings WR Simpson has stepped up his game today. He just had another nice reception and run.

AP fumbles the ball but this should come back to the Vikings as it appears AP's knee was down. The tension is starting to build at Mall of America Field!

Vikings get the ball back, but the 15-yard penelty puts the Vikings at a 2 and 27.

AP breaks a 28-yard run. 1st and goal for the Vikings as the crowd chants MVP, MVP, MVP....

AP has rushed for 142-yards!

AP takes the rock into the end zone for another TD on a 2-yard PASS from Ponder! Vikings lead 27-17 SKOL! SKOL! SKOL!!

Adrian Peterson Celebrating his Touchdown <> Nick Cooper - Townsquare Media

Rogers completes a 74-yard pass to Nelson, on the next play the Packers fumbled the ball in the end zone, which is now under review.

After the review, the call was over turned and it is a Packers TD. Vikings still lead 27-24

Vikings are forced to punt after going 3 and out. Packers ball on their own 35-yard line. Plus a 10-yard face mask plenty on the Vikings.

In the last 5 minutes the Vikings have seemed to shot themselves in the foot, they are gonna need to put a 100% team effort into the final quarter of football!

Mason Crosby connects on a 41-yard FG. The game is tied at 27-27 with just over 12 minutes left in the game.

Ponder just hit Jarius Wright for a 65-yard pass!!! Damn Ponder!!

Oops on the pyro!!! No TD

Packers get a hands to the face penalty, saving the Vikings drive.

Ponder hits Jenkins for a TD, Vikings take back the lead 34-27! SKOL!

Michael Jenkins Celebrating his TD Catch <> Nick Cooper - Townsquare Media

Here we go, this place is ROCKING!!!

Packers score a TD to tie up the game at 34-34 with 2:54 remaining.

Can anyone say Blair Walsh game winning FG? SKOL

AP is only 45-yards away from breaking the record! How about an AP 52-yard run?! SKOL

Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves is hanging out in our press box watching the game.

AP is knocking on the door of the record. He has only 35-yards until he beats the record. But it looks like he's gonna run out of time.

Unless this game goes into overtime, AP missed the record by only 9-yards!!

Blair Walsh wins the game for The Vikings with a FG!! 37-34 SKOL SKOL SKOL!!!

We'll post pictures later and maybe some audio! Skol Vikings!!