Those expecting a reactionary take-down from Vince Staples following the viral video of a woman criticizing his song "Norf Norf" will have to use their imagination, as the rapper took to Twitter Thursday morning (Oct. 6) to articulate a nuanced and compassionate perspective on it.

“Thank you to Justin Carissimo for the misquote. Great Job," he writes, referencing an Independent article published Wednesday. "What I was saying saying was that the woman in that video is clearly confused on the context of the song which causes her to be frightened. She also, in my opinion, seems to be emotionally unstable. With those things being said, she has a right to her opinion. No person needs to be attacked for their opinion on what they see to be appropriate for their children. They have a right to it. That’s all I have to say about that. Stop asking me."

For those unfamiliar, the woman in question posted an 11-minute video expressing her outrage at the lyrics of "Norf Norf" and the fact that such a song would be played on the radio. Some of the quotes printed in the Independent article reflect Vince's sentiment. “I don’t really have much to say about the video—I don’t think it’s funny at all,” they quote him as saying. “It’s not right to attack someone over their stance, their opinions, and their religion. I think that’s very immature.”

It seems likelier this is the portion Vince feels was misquoted: “We already have a lot of issues between black and white relations in this country based on misunderstandings. In my eyes, she doesn’t look like a racist. She doesn’t look like a mean person. But it’s not very responsible for people to try to take that and jump, looking for some sort of commentary on these issues [in the community].”

Read Staples' tweets below.

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