If you had to describe what Minnesota or Wisconsin smells like, how would you describe it? That's a tough challenge, isn't it? Both states offer a diverse set of scenery and culture, so trying to narrow it down would be hard to do.

If you want to use stereotypes for what the states are known for, would Wisconsin smell like cheese? Would Minnesota smell like a cold winter day (whatever that smells like)? There's a candle company called Homesick Candles that claim to make candles that "smell like home", offering a candle scent for several states around the country. They don't have all of the states available yet, but they have our region covered. I was curious what home smelled like, so I checked out the descriptions for their Minnesota and Wisconsin candles.

The scent for the Minnesota candle is described as follows:

Takes you back to The North Star State, with scents reminiscent of winter air and Minnesota apple strudel.

Homesick Candles

Is Minnesota apple strudel something we're known for? It very well could be, but I guess I didn't catch on to that growing up in Minnesota. The winter air thing makes sense, but I may have added a little hint of lakeside campfire instead of the strudel. Still, it sounds like a pleasant smell, so at least Minnesota doesn't smell like a foot.


For the Wisconsin side of the border, here's the candle's description:

Takes you back to The Badger State, with scents of Kringle cookie, Wisconsin cranberry, and winter air.

Homesick Candles

Aside from going with the scent of cows or cheese (both of which probably wouldn't make for good candle scents), this one seems to make sense. Winter air and cranberry, in particular, are very Wisconsin things; and the whole blend does sound like a warm and pleasant scent.



So, if you had to come up with a scent for a Minnesota or Wisconsin candle, what would it be? Let us know in the comments section below.