The Twin Ports has seen a boom in new businesses, with many local options and chains investing in our community. Among many of those recent additions are places that had a lot of fanfare like Chipotle and Dunkin Donuts. Even though almost all of Tony Hart's fast food wish list came true (with one of those places setting up shop in Duluth and leaving soon after), there are still several places I hear people wishing for in the Twin Ports.

According to the most recent QSR Top 50 ranking of fast food and casual dining brands, the Duluth-Superior area is home to 23 of the 50 most popular chain restaurants in the country. For a "smaller" city in the far northern Upper Midwest, that's not too bad, right? It could be argued we can do better.

Here are some of the top brands on the QSR Top 50 we don't have currently in the Duluth-Superior area. Which one should be the next to come to the Twin Ports?

For the sake of transparency, some of the names in this poll are largely regional brands (like In-N-Out, which is only a Southwestern US thing) only found in other parts of the country. We can wish though, right?