If you haven't heard about the latest rage in what's called "birth story photography" then you have to check this out. What is it all about? It is simply documenting the parents experience from the onset of the mother’s labor into the hours after birth of their new baby.

This may sound odd at first... as in "who would want pictures of that!?"  But in all reality, it is a beautiful documentation of a child coming into the world. There are no “show-all” pictures, the photography is done tastefully and with the constant reminder of the emotion involved for the parents experiencing birth. So what exactly happens when you hire a birth story photographer?


In the weeks leading up to your due date, you'll be keeping your photographer informed on how things are going. This can be as simple as text messages after your doctor visits to let the photographer know what's going on and how soon or not so soon to expect a call.

As a mother myself, I understand that babies come when they want to come. My first came in a blizzard! But having a understanding of what's going on with the parents I'll be photographing definitely helps keep me in the mindset as if I may be going into labor myself...okay that's drastic but you get the point right? Your photographer will essentially be on call during those last few weeks and at a moment's notice will be ready to head to your birth.


Once the mother goes into labor, she'll add her photographer to the list of people "to inform". Typically, depending on the mother's birth history, I will head to the birthing location at a certain point in the mothers dilation after a constant update in the labor progression. The father or grandparents are usually the ones keeping me informed as mom is a little busy.

I'll arrive at the birthing location and my gear is on and ready to go. I then task myself to photographing every detail possible; the awaiting nursery, the tiny pacifier awaiting it's new best friend, the mothers contractions chart, the emotion of the parents, any and all details are important.

During this time I ask the parents to treat me just like they would another nurse; I don't expect nor want them to feel like they need to converse with me, I simply move quietly in and out of the room documenting the important details of the labor.

The birth part: everyone wonders exactly how that works,  by no means am I photographing over the doctors shoulder, I'm pretty sure the mothers never want to remember that part. Once the pushing process starts, I'll put myself in a corner of the room or at the head of the bed completely out of the way. Then, the amazing happens and I'll document the parents first moments of seeing their child for the very first time.


Baby gets cleaned up, weighed and fed, all while I am documenting these "firsts" for the little one and once all is quiet I'll take some time to photograph this new tiny bundle for its first début. Sometimes this is a few hours after baby has been born, sometimes it is the next morning after the parents have had some time to rest. These are very precious memories, editorial in nature, just photographing the baby being well... a baby. I'll photograph every detail from feet to noses, sleeping to awake, in the quietness of its mothers room... complete beautiful baby bliss.


Interesting isn't it? And does it really look all gory like you first thought? Probably not, as it really is a beautiful, intimate, once in a lifetime experience you'll never want to forget. I know I hope to never forget my birth experience.

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If you are interested in having your birth story photographed planning is key as I will need to plan for being on call, please contact me right away about your birth story details. Questions? I'd love to answer them!

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