Watercross racing is an extreme sport that started over three decades ago and it is finally starting to grow in popularity across the country, and this summer Twin Ports residents will be able to experience this unique and exciting sport in person at the Superior Watercross Shootout August 17th and 18th!

Basically Watercross racing is taking modified snowmobiles that can move at speeds of 60mph and racing them on water, it sounds crazy because it is crazy, but it is an incredibly fun sport to watch!

The Superior Watercross Shootout will consist of two adrenaline pumping days of racing action at Barker's Island, with several heats of drag and oval racing throughout the weekend and the final championship race's to be held Sunday afternoon.

According to Gizmag.com only a few modifications need to be made to the average snowmobile for Watercross racing, "Silicone seal the gaps in the bellypan, bulkhead and tunnel. Remove your oil injection tank and switch to pre-mix - If you're keen, lengthen and stiffen your front shocks and toss the seat, you'll be standing anyway."

The racers do not use the front ski's to steer their sled, rather they use techniques used in water skiing or other water sports, by leaning and shifting body weight.

Watch an Actual Watercross Race