My wife and daughter went to the Miller Hill Mall yesterday to stuff a bear that we had bought online at Build-a-Bear, and it was closed. What's the deal, are they closed for good?

Thankfully they are just closed temporarily for a remodel and will reopen soon. But it's strange that no signage was up at the store to notify customers of the upcoming changes.

I did some quick research, and it looks like Build-a-Bear has been remodeling all their stores recently, and the Duluth store could be in store for some cool changes.

The store at the Mall of America got completely remodeled last year and several other stores across the country were refreshed as well, and now it's our turn.

The company has been rolling out new interactive features in the new store design including what appears in the video below to be new and better ways to personalize, interact and even clean your huggable bear.

The Build-a-Bear website indicates that the store will reopen in the Spring, so don't worry B.A.B fans your happy place will be even better when it returns.