The picture above is what happens when you tend to grab an object in a hurry and just on the right angle to make it snap, or in my case you have Herculean strength you were not even aware of.

This was how my Memorial Day ended with me snapping the top of the handle off of our fairly new refrigerator (2 years old). I have a  love hate with this thing, maybe even leaning more towards hatred now, as it is going to cost be around 50 bucks for a new handle.

I understand that things are not made like they used to and having a plastic handle on a fridge door never seemed a concern to me until now. You see we completely remodeled our entire kitchen 2 years ago, at the time of the remodel we had a different fridge that was about 1 year old with the freezer drawer on the bottom and it was very expensive. I loved that fridge, which I know sounds weird.

Anyway with the remodel we created an open concept kitchen, but we had to change where the fridge was going and it was 2 inches 2 wide. So we had to sell it and get a smaller fridge which is the one we have now with the broken handle and freezer on top. This is one of those minor inconveniences which at the time made me super angry, but hopefully if this is the worst thing that happens to me all week, I am doing pretty good. :)