If you listen to Jeanne and I during the morning show or if you follow me on social media, you're probably aware that I am also the resident station photographer. I was at last night's Rick Springfield concert to get pictures for our sister station KOOL 101.7, enjoying the music of the evening, when BAM! I got "the bird". I moved to a different spot and continued shooting and WHAM, a second time.  What the heck?

The first time around, I figured maybe he was "showing a little love" to someone in the crowd behind me. The second time seemed a little more suspect. Looking closely at the picture, he is pretty much staring right at me. I've developed a few theories on what the deal might have been.

The first one is pretty obvious - he was showing off for the camera and giving me one of those rockstar "Johnny Cash flipping off the camera" moments. The second theory is that he didn't like getting his picture taken. The thing is, there were other photographers that he didn't offer the same love to. The third theory is that it was for someone right behind me. The final theory is a little more involved. Before Rick took the stage, I was getting the vibe from some of the people in the crowd that I was too young to appreciate who Rick is. Truth be told, I was born a little after his big years in the early 1980s. Just barely. I still know who he, what he's done, and plenty of his music. Maybe I just "didn't belong".

What do you think? My money is on him playing badass for the camera, but let's see what you think.