Growing up I always heard the saying "accidents always happen close to home." I was recently in an accident less than a mile away from home so I decided to do some research.

There's really no clear answer where the saying came from, but many have done studies on it. In 2009 The Telegraph took a study of 3,800 people and found out 3 out of 10 crashes happen less than a mile away from home. The research suggests "that many drivers appear to be in a comfort zone when driving close to home on familiar roads".

In my case no one was injured which is the important thing, but there was still over $1,000 of damage to Shelia (the name given to my car). The other driver was also close to home, so maybe there is a comfort zone that people get into or maybe it's just a weird coincidence. Whatever the case is, always drive safe and maybe the song below will help.