Maybe I need to get over it, but I jut can't seem to forget about what Chris Brown did to Rihanna, I feel dirty and wrong watching him on TV or even playing his records on the radio, I DO NOT want to support anything this douche bag does.

And what really get's me mad is that the music industry continues to applaud this guy like nothing ever happened, Rihanna is at the same show, sitting in the front row and after he performed he gets a standing ovation! Really?!  He shouldn't have even been there in the first place.

Not only did Chris Brown perform once, but twice, and he won for Best R&B Album, leaving some to call his "comeback complete".  The Grammy Executive Producer even admits "“I was kind of rooting for him. I know how controversial he is, was, and still is and if anyone has reason to be questionable about Chris, it was on our show three years ago all that happened,".  "All that happened"? huh,  Oh you mean beating a woman almost beyond recognition on the way to your show?

Maybe Chris is a changed man and maybe he deserves a "second chance", but I don't support it or like it, I think it sends a terrible message to young men, that no matter what mistakes you make, you can have a second chance.  How about we send the message to never lay your hand on a woman?

I also find it sad that the president of the Grammy's comes out during the show and quotes the opening performance from Bruce Springsteen saying the Grammy organization "takes care of our own" with the MusiCares charity the night after "one of there own" died from an apparent drug overdose.

How about a PSA during the Grammy's about violence towards women or drug abuse?

I think the music industry as a whole should step back and take a look at themselves and ask if they really do care?  Care about each other, care about the youth that look up to them or care about the fans, or do they ONLY care about two things, $$$ and themselves?