Being someone who is a parent my jaw is still on the floor after watching this video of these parents putting themselves and their kids in such a dangerous situation by approaching a wild bison, and  then running for their lives.

What were they thinking? A huge animal like this on the wild, who is obviously unpredictable? Hey, Let's get close enough for him to sneeze dust all over us.

Then if you see your kids are in danger wouldn't you try to rescue your child instead of letting them get chased? Thankfully for them and the small boy he was lighting fast. I have never been to Yellowstone Park, but I guarantee you they have signs posted everywhere warning people of animals in the park. Really makes you wonder what some people are thinking?

Our kids are older and we even caution them if we meet up with someone who has a dog on a leash, because you just never know things can happen in an instant. I recall one time we came across a group of geese and they started chasing after the kids. I instinctively jumped in front of them  and got them away from the situation as fast as possible. Looking back that was scarey enough, let alone a charging bison!