Just watch any intersection during the winter, and I guarantee you'll see someone running a red light.

I'm convinced it's because drivers think the roads are slippery and they won't stop in time, if that's the case then maybe that driver should SLOW DOWN instead of gunning it and putting people in danger.

Even if the road is slippery, I'm pretty sure that doesn't give you the green light to run a red light, try and give the cop or your insurance company that excuse and see how that works for you.

Or maybe it's because a lot of people are in a hurry around the holiday season and stopping at an intersection is just too much of a hassle? I'm not sure that has a lot to do with it, as I see drivers running lights in January and February, ain't nobody rushing anywhere during those months.

It is an epidemic in the Northland this time of year, I have no statistics to back this up just my observational skills, but look for it, and I'm sure you'll see people running red lights all over the place during the winter months.