I admittedly am no beauty expert by any means, but I am super weird about my skin, and I hate how dry it gets in the winter, so I did a little research.

So much of what is said about healthy skin is really obvious, but I thought this video was helpful in giving people some ideas they might not have thought of. I actually grabbed a bottle of lotion from home last night, because the other day at work when I looked at my hands I felt like I was 90 years old.

Some of these tips are really important for the kids too, a little non scented lotion on the hands and cheeks before they head outside will help prevent chapped face.

Also, hydration is key and I am bad at that as well since I definitely do not drink enough water. It has gotten so bad in the past that I get what I call "Clown Face Syndrome" where I literally have a red ring around my lips. Not a good look and really embarrassing to have as an adult.

So check out the video below, and good luck keeping your skin healthy and smooth over the next couple of months!