Yes we do live in a world where are children are surrounded by electronics, and incorporate them in their daily lives at a very young age. But some places should be off limits.

All parents go through through the process of trying to potty train their kids, some use a reward system, bribes, and a lot of patience. Well now something has hit the market to keep little Timmy or Susie occupied while they are on the potty/// the 2 in 1 iPotty, it is is special potty seat with a place for an iPad.

I laughed hysterically when I saw this, way to promote early for kids to sit on the toilet and mess around with electronic devices instead of doing their business and being on their way. But, If you have a child that takes his/her time this might be a good thing for some parents.

This is an actual product that you can purchase on Amazon for Around $26.00 iPad     not included of course. Because who wouldn't trust their iPad to a potty training 2 year old/ Check out the video below.